Difference between FIR (Finite Implulse Response) and IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) filters?:

Linear Phase Response
Nonlinear Phase Response
Group delay is better
Gourp delay is not good
More memory Less Memory 
Only depends on Input Depends on both input and output
Only zeros both zeros and poles (numerator and denumerator)
Easy to implement Difficunt to implement
Tapping high order Tapping lower order

FIR filter: 

1) Open Matlab "filterdesigner" --> Get coefficients --> change filter structure to get nominator and denominator for IIR

2) Load FIR and IIR MATLAB Simulink models

3) Replace coefficients

IIR Filter: 

Simulink result: 

Red --> IIR Blue --> FIR

DOWNLOAD SIMULINK FILE:http://nhz.us/file.php/1/files/My_FIR_IIR.slx