Flicker noise or pink noise or 1/f noise:


*the noise power is inversely proportional to the frequency

*often occurs as a resistance fluctuation

*Passive components have 1/f noise and current noise

*low resistances the 1/f noise and current noise are usually too small to be considered




How to remove flicker noise?

Answer: Chopper stabilization works by alternating or chopping the input signals at the input stage and then chopping the signals again at the output stage. This is the equivalent to modulation using a square wave. Chopper stabilization, or chopping, is a technique to reduce amplifier offset voltage.

first the low-frequency signal is shifted to high frequency by multiplying it with high-frequency carrier, and it is given to the device affected by the flicker noise. The output of the device is again multiplied with the same carrier, so the previous information signal comes back to baseband, and flicker noise will be shifted to higher frequency, which can easily be filtered out.