BMW Wireless Charging and iPhone 15 NFC Issues

Wireless charging is a convenient feature that allows users to charge their devices without using cables. However, recent reports suggest that using BMW's wireless charging pad with the iPhone 15 may cause issues with the device's NFC chip. This has raised concerns among BMW owners who rely on features like Apple Pay and digital car keys. Let's explore this issue further and understand its impact.

The Problem

Several BMW owners have complained about their iPhone 15's NFC chip malfunctioning after charging their devices with BMW's wireless charging pad. This issue results in the iPhone going into data recovery mode with a white screen, and the NFC chip becomes non-functional after the device restarts. This means affected users are unable to use Apple Pay and other NFC-related features.


The NFC chip in the iPhone 15 is essential for secure transactions through Apple Pay and acts as a key for digital car keys. With the NFC chip no longer functioning properly, users encounter error messages when trying to set up or use Apple Pay. Apple has replaced some affected iPhones, but the replacement devices also face the same issue, leaving users without a permanent solution.

Cause and Scope

The exact cause of this issue remains unclear, and it is uncertain how many BMW owners are affected and which BMW models are susceptible. Users have reported this problem on MacRumors Forums and social media platforms, but the extent of the issue is yet to be determined. Apple is yet to comment on the matter and provide any insights into the cause or potential fixes.

Historical Context

This isn't the first time wireless charging has caused issues for iPhone users. In the past, there have been reports of wireless chargers overheating devices or causing charging interruptions. However, this specific NFC chip malfunction seems to be a new and unique problem that hasn't been previously documented.


As of now, there is no definitive solution to the BMW wireless charging and iPhone 15 NFC issue. Users are advised to avoid charging their iPhone 15 with BMW's wireless charging pad until further information or a fix is provided by Apple. Owners of affected devices can contact Apple for support or visit an authorized service provider for assistance.


The problem with BMW's wireless charging pad and the iPhone 15's NFC chip is a concerning development for iPhone users who rely on features like Apple Pay. The impact of this issue is still being determined, and it remains to be seen when Apple will address and rectify the problem. Until then, caution is advised when using wireless charging with the affected devices to avoid potential NFC chip malfunctions.