Infineon's Innovation in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology: AIROC™ CYW5551x

Global technology front-runner, Infineon Technologies AG, is expanding their innovative IoT portfolio with the introduction of the AIROC™ CYW5551x Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth solution. This remarkable development combines superior Wi-Fi 6E performance, surpassing usual connectivity standards, alongside advanced Bluetooth technology, positioning it as a key player in IoT (Internet of Things) applications. Together, these features form a potent combination that's all set to redefine future digital connectivity.

The AIROC™ CYW5551x solution is backed by a revolutionary, power-efficient design that includes the CYW55512, a dual-band Wi-Fi solution, and the CYW55513, a tri-band Wi-Fi 6E solution. These advanced features lend the system its versatility, making it ideal for a range of applications, from smart homes and wearables to industrial and other small form-factor IoT applications.

Notably, the power-optimized CYW5551x family launches the robust network reliability and range from Infineon's CYW5557x family of devices into an IoT-optimized ecosystem. Infineon’s Vice President of Wi-Fi Products, Sivaram Trikutam, declared this new family as an integral part of the company's digitalization and decarbonization strategy. Tuned for peak performance across a vast temperature range, it serves various industrial and infrastructure applications like electric vehicle charging, solar panel controls, logistics, and others. With very low power consumption, this family of products is ideal for battery-operated devices like wearables and IP cameras.

One of the major highlights of this novel solution is the support it offers for the comparatively new 'greenfield' 6GHz band for Wi-Fi 6E. This unique attribute helps in delivering lower latency and reduced interference, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, the Bluetooth . Low Energy (LE) with Audio is optimized for range and power with a remarkable transmittance of up to 20 dBm. Other impressive features of the solution include improved multi-layer security (PSA Level -certifiable) and design versatility, supported by a vast ecosystem of module and platform partners.

Infineon sees Linux, RTOS, and Android support as essentials to their AIROC CYW5551x family. The devices also come with a fully validated Bluetooth stack and sample code to accelerate development time. The CYW55512 and CYW55513 are currently in the sampling phase. The CYW5512 will hit the commercial market in March 2024, followed by the CYW55513 in June 2024. More information about these products and solutions can be found at

Infineon has reinforced its commitment to exploring and investing in breakthrough technologies with this latest addition to its lineup. As the world progresses towards a future where everything will be connected, Infineon’s AIROC CYW5551x family provides a peek into that future. By addressing current challenges with innovative solutions and designing technologies that pave the way for new digital realities, Infineon is setting standards for IoT connectivity.

Questions and Answers:

Q1: What is Infineon's AIROC™ CYW5551x?
A1: Infineon's AIROC™ CYW5551x is a ground-breaking Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth solution that offers superior performance for IoT applications.

Q2: What are the notable features of the AIROC™ CYW5551x?
A2: This solution features reliable Wi-Fi /6E (802.11ax) connectivity, advanced ultra-low power Bluetooth connectivity, a power-optimized design, and supports Linux, RTOS and Android.

Q3: How is the AIROC™ CYW5551x contributing to Infineon's decarbonisation strategy?
A3: The AIROC™ CYW5551x, optimised for very low power consumption, aids in reducing power usage, making it a significant component of Infineon's digitalisation and decarbonisation strategy.

Q4: Is the AIROC™ CYW5551x commercially available?
A4: The CYW5512 of the AIROC™ CYW5551x family will be available commercially in March 2024, while the CYW55513 will be available in June 2024.

Q5: What are the intended applications for the AIROC™ CYW5551x?
A5: Outlined applications include smart homes, industrial uses, wearables, and other small form-factor IoT applications.

Q6: How does the AIROC™ CYW5551x improve Wi-Fi performance?
A6: AIROC™ CYW5551x provides support for the 6GHz band for Wi-Fi 6E, which results in lower latency and reduced interference, thus improving Wi-Fi performance.

Q7: How is the AIROC™ CYW5551x optimised for range and power?
A7: The Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) with Audio in AIROC™ CYW5551x is optimised for range and power with up to 20 dBm transmit power.

Q8: How does the AIROC™ CYW5551x contribute to improved security?
A8: It offers improved multi-layer security, which is PSA Level -certifiable, hence aligning with the increasing demand for highly secure IoT devices.

Q9: Is the AIROC™ CYW5551x supported by other platforms?
A9: Yes, the solution has a wide ecosystem of module and platform partners, making it diverse and versatile.

Q10: How does AIROC™ CYW5551x support accelerated development time?
A10: It comes with a fully validated Bluetooth stack and sample code, thereby expediting the development time.